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Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Eventful September 2011

Let me take a deep breath, stay a way for my food blog. Taking the time to jot down what I had been through in the month of eventful September. Time just flies too fast, I could barely recalled what I did!

September was started with a continuity of public holiday from Aug 31 (our Malaysia National Independence day). My month started here, it was supposed to be a retreat and photography trip. Very unfortunate, I turned sick the very evening and it all turned out badly. Bukit Tinggi's Colmar Tropical was the place. Nevertheless, I was still able to take some pictures with my DSLR as well as my compact camera.

My 2nd day was greeting with weak body. Basically my day was all gone, when I literally slept the whole day through after getting over to Kuantan. Soon the following day, thank god I was still able to make it through with my cheongsum for a dinner :)

September was a month full for food and Birthday celebrations. It all started with a greentea cake, but it wasn't for me. I like the cake box here :)

It then went on to mine.... my favourite Mango crepe cake from Food Foundry.

I purposely skipped a dinner place, which I personally found it was great for seafood. Will blog them once I am ready for my next food blog. Stay tuned.

Thanks to the Birthday card, first and last I have got for the year! Specially for the handmade bracelet as well as key chain. Thanks :)

Towards the 2nd last week, there was this eventful and special day for a couple. We were just the attendees, as well as party organizer. Dish below is one of those that let me had fun playing like a play-doh! The Chinese dessert plus yam and sweet potatoes balls.

I had a pleasant night out for Jeff Chang (張信哲) Genting concert too! He really has a romantic vocal, love it so much... after so many years (the last I met him was his Brunei concert many many years ago). Hope to see him next year again :)

Some one did a great job in recording the last hit of his in the concert... 愛如潮水!

And, the last bit was left on with my greatest friends company for a Birthday bash! It was fun, full of fun and surprises I would say. I enjoyed your company the most, throughout the month of September... :) Oh dear, the ice-cream cake, I think it was from Heavenly Premium Ice Cream, the Neapolitan flavor .... I didn't have the picture of it... too bad, should have taken my camera :( Oh well, I may be too busy with the microphone instead.

(Btw, this voucher still valid for the next 1+ months, let me know in case you need it)

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