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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Jan 2018

Yearly trip begun with the land of smile, up north at the city of Chiang Mai. There are so many things to explore, be it food, coffee, arts, massage, shopping and even do nothing.

It was unfortunate, our flight was delayed at least two hours that afternoon. It wasn't comfortable to wait at KLIA2. It's a budget/low cost airport, yes I acknowledge. It was our first trip with little nephew too. Pleased that he behave well.

While waiting...

Late afternoon sun
After placing our luggage and check in. We headed out immediately, for dinner as well as night market trip.

Dinner - Mr. Kai Restaurant

KhaoSoi - it's a must
Shopping and Wondering - Wualai Saturday Nightmarket

Pork rice - Packed for supper

Our stay of 2 nights - BB Mantra Boutique and Budget

Breakfast (included with stay) by the pool
Street art near our stay

 Coffee pit stop #1 - Art Cafe
Nice Piccolo -  just beside our stay
Tourist place - Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Not our first visit here. Be a tourist once more.

Coffee pit stop #2 - Graph Café

Famous for cold brew, but I grabbed a latte to go instead. Pricey.

Lunch after 1/2 day tour with Yoyo - Huen Phen

Nice local patron restaurant. Though it may need a wait. We ordered our standard checklist dish - Khao Soi (curry noodle, two styled noodle). Tried the local pork sausage, blends well with a mug of local beer, especially on a hot afternoon. Yummy




Pork Sausage

On the way... spelling mistake?
Massage, is a must - Lila Thai Massage 5th

It wasn't a good timing for me. Yet, I still enjoyed my foot massage.

Massage center's deco
Street foods, before we head to another hotel - Wat Phan-Ohn

It's on Sunday night market. We had KhaoSoi (again, but no picture). On the day, we grabbed out lunch with any available food we could get there. Pork noodle was awesome.

pork noodle
Stay #2 - The Loft Room Hotel

We had a double king sized bed room. The kid enjoyed. Nice budget hotel with setup, it was spacious too.
Common area outside our room
Included breakfast of our stay

Coffee pit stop #3 - Ristr8to Lab

Very nice alchoholic coffee served here.

Love the alchohol coffee
Coffee pit stop #4 - Nine One Coffee

Another nice cafe just 1 street away from our stay. But we took almost 1KM walk because google map went crazy.

Last Khao Soi - Khao Soy Nimman

This wasn't too good. The sausage and noodle seems machine made.

Bye Chiang Mai
Till we meet again.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My 2017 - An "Exciting" Year Indeed

The word "exciting" could have lead to positivity. For me, it was rather an excitement with ups and downs. I pretty know that many guardian angels surrounded me, thanks all for the kind support and encouragement helping me going through the year.

Work - Much busy and lots to learn. The year ended with well, though some emotion was caught off guard.

Baking @ Home - Panasonic Bread maker is my good friend. With very minimised failure rate,  I will have my bread ready by Monday. To share with my colleague as Monday breakfast, a good start of the week.

I didn't explore many recipe this year. Continue making my bread loaf. Contributed a few recipe to the facebook community too.

corn bread

Assorted bread with my black coffee
Avocado Chia Seed bread
Cooking @ Home - Experimented some recipe, but I seldom cook these days. Partly due to less carbo meal we adapted. I would rather experience cook time and calculate efficiency.

Phillips Pressure Cooker has been my best companion. As well Cosway's Magic Cooker. Both serve well for slow and long soup cooking, and porridge meal.

I have even experimented baking a cake in my pressure cooker. Joined their facebook community of Phillips Pressure Cooking and contributed too.

Porridge with Magic Cooker
Sphagetti with Phillips Pressure Cooker
Pandan cake
Marble Butter Cake
Chocolate Cake
Gardening @ Home - Pretty happy with the return of many fruits harvested from the garden. Banana, Jambu Air, fig, Jackfruit (Nangka), chilli...

Our jackfuit was rather a disappointment, as the soil had been too wet. Causing the fruit wasn't able to sustain long on the tree. It cracked open even before it ripe.

Black sesame plant
Figs pruning

Custard apple harvested

- Reduced outdoor cycling significantly this year. Signed up 2 events this year, neither one I attended. What a failure. Mood and feel has quite been disturbed this year, due to an unhappy incident in Taiwan earlier the year. Disappointment continued with a group of so called friends (past tensed).

Signed up gym with passport entry with Fitness First. Indoor cycling (RPM), Zumba and Yoga classes had been my recent companion.

My new show from Taiwan

Tried Ariel Flow Yoga

I chicken out from CFAL this year

New Gadget - Got myself an Underwater Camera. It's time to say Bye-bye to my GoPro ;)

New camera
Travel - One and only dive trip. Several local road trips. Two business trip cum visiting trip. An unfortunate overseas trip.... that's all for the year!

Gift from a dive master
Street Art Roaming in Singapore

Very colorful

Malacca - backyard hawker which full of mouse

Nice baked sotong

Ahhh... Lucky to attend Emil Chow's concert in Singapore

Singapore Indoor Station

A visit to Raub

Health - Hurt my left elbow, it was diagnosed as Tennis Elbow. On top of that, I twisted my left ankle too. :(

My Tennis Elbow

Friends - Not many gathering this year. Thanks to someone's wedding, that allowed us to have a mini-gathering.

Cheers for a newly wed couple

Greatest personal achievement of the year! - Turned my unnecessary stuffs into cash! With Carousell. Frankly, I have been procrastinating this for many years. Always wanted to sell or donate my stuffs to the "needy". I have been doubtful for some recycling event, if they are able to give away my pre-loved item to someone needy. 

Thanks for the launch and hit of Carousell app. I was influenced by a friend who were able to turned her very old handbags into cash. I finally took a step to clear away some of my pre-loved items at home. It was indeed great experience, the accomplishment felt when I was able to clear out stuffs, and turn it to someone's excitement instead.

Happy in Selling stuffs

I would greatly hope to gain a smooth sailing year in 2018. All the best to myself and other readers who have been following my writings.