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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Picnic @ FRIM, Kepong Mar 4 2012

Nothing much to update in my blog these days. Life has gone to a stage where things had been in status quo, no excitement nor anything much to share. One thing I am blessed with, is myself and family members are all good in health, that's a greatest blessing for sure.

Time flies...

Guess my life has gone into a sentimental mode, staring at those good old days friendships, relationships, childhood days and so. Flipping through some novels that brought back some school days memories. Made me feeling like writing. But, I am not good in either English or Chinese language. That's why I have been stuck in between, write or not write. All wordings had flooded my brain, I find it so hard to start a word in writing.

Anyway, I am starting to capture some words in here, as a start from the memories I had over a recent small picnic trip at FRIM waterfall. The nature's sound of music brought me to certain thoughts, some inner thoughts I had to my own self and those I care for.

No picture of the messy foods at the picnic area.. but this tiny little greenie had captured my attention around the stream area. I held my DSLR once again, with those picture capturing moment, especially when the heart filled with dreamy thoughts...

Hope I am able to write more sentimental words in my next blog, other than those boring food blogs with all kinds of standard foods served out there. At least, for another new challenge to take on in the year of Dragon, 2012!

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