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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekend Trip - Annual Durian Trip to Balik Pulau, Penang, June 2014

Welcome back... myself in blogging. Well accompanied with my new Bose SoundLink Mini :)

I have been going through my photo album back and forth, looks like I didn't have chance to utilize my Olympus mirrorless camera as much as I wish. Honestly, I still have not get good grasp with the shutter, still prefer my old DSLR.

Nevertheless, managed to get hold with my camera during this trip. Being a back seat passenger can be rather relaxing. The weekend trip was rather simple. Mission : Durian eating at Balik Pulau, any corner, everywhere, as much as we could... which we all ended with a surrender flag! No more durian for the next few days!
Passing By Ipoh

By the evening, after work. We headed up north. Stopped by Bukit Tambun's Jetty Seafood (船头海鲜楼)  for dinner. Food was not bad, perhaps we were very hungry at that time. The kuah-less satay selling next door tasted good. 

As we approaching Balik Pulau late night. Not many choices for durian stall left. The first stop for durian was at Durian Pak Haji Balik Pulau. After getting the first fix, the second came right after our check-in to the host's home. Oh dear.. full supper.

Next morning, thank God our brunch was not durian. Balik Pulau market's food stall was our one-stop shop for Penang street food. But, our dessert right after brunch was durian. This will be the entire highlight of the trip! We were spoilt with many fresh durians, especially those famous breed of Balik Pulau. Eating varieties of durian must come with sequence. We we taught on how to enjoy it from the mildest, to the strongest. Session was really enjoyable, but to taste till the last bit of strongest... It caused us close to alcohol hangover, seriously... Some breed which I still remember, i.e. 青皮,紅蝦,林鳳嬌,林鳳嬌女兒。。can't remember the rest.

Durian orchard visit

Mid day
Little Durian tree
Durian on the tree
What's this? .. Buah Pala
Ops! It's ripe
Time to enjoy fresh Durian
Orchard Doggie
Little sight seeing around Balik Pulau. I couldn't remember the name of the place.

Scenic afternoon
Wave was rough.. somewhere facing Andaman
Paddy fields
Time was too early for dinner. We tried exploring some hilly road up to Bukit Genting. This place was recommended by our host before. End results, the place was unexpectedly scenic, but food was so-so. They served Thai dishes, simple us find it's alright... the sunset view was superb, overlooking the sea and paddy fields. Bukit Genting Hill Leisure Park & Restaurant (小云顶中泰海鲜)

Shy sunset
Garden below the restaurant
The restaurant
Water Chestnut.. not at par
Green curry chicken
Stuffed crab
Belacan Fried Rice
Late evening view
Scenic ya!
Ops... our food didn't end there. We headed for some snacks back at Balik Pulau town.  Balik Pulau Eng Lee Fried Chicken 

Hope to return again, next year.

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