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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gardening World - My collection of Air Plant a.k.a. 空氣鳳梨

It has been a while since I last showing off my green fingers collection. Was inspired by a Gardening FB group lately, on this special species of plant. Tillandsia, believe is the scientific name of Air Plant. What's so special about it? A plant living without soil, just needed some sprinkle of water (about 3 times in a week) will suffice. Perfect for a super lazy me! By the way, they do serve as air purifier too. That means I could chuck away my Medklinn and Sharp Air Purifier?... time to tell.

Out of curiosity, I went to hunt for them at Sungai Buloh, the largest nursery in Klang Valley. Walk along the stretch of nurseries within the old Hospital area.. apparently many of them selling Air Plants. But mind you, it could price starting of RM10 to some top ranged price, for just one tiny stalk.  Some of  the stocks I found along Sungai Buloh, these are not mine.

Others at the bottom are my home collections. So far I have only handful of them. One bloomed with flowers on the every first week I took it home. Was so pleased with the pinkish purplish flowers!

Week 1
Week 2
Week 4
The other species I had was a local type.. and it bloomed too, after week 2.

Following 3 other types below, I don't think they will bloom. Seeing them healthy every day, branches out new leaves represents new life~ I am pleased they grew well off my hands. 

Looks like serai

Time for more collections? Let me find time for the garden shopping, and reading up all kinds of tips posted by those experience gardeners out there. 

Some references (Chinese) - http://twflowerangel.pixnet.net/blog/post/225617336

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