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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Recipe - Crispy Cranberries Nuts(干果脆片饼)

A procrastinated cookie making post (it wasn't only the post, while I was supposed to test out this recipe since 2016 CNY)... see how procrastinating I am recently. I could not resist from posting this recipe, particularly necessary for future reference. Brought this to a family party last month, and it brought to my surprise that when it was finished up within hour.

Ingredients :-

Pumpkin Seeds 南瓜籽 250g
Almond Flakes 杏仁片 250g
Dried Cranberries 蔓月莓干 (diced) 50g
Florentina Caramel Mix 焦糖预拌粉 200g

Method :-

1) Get ready with 2 layers of baking sheets, one at the bottom of tray another on top of cookie batter 
2) Mix all above ingredients in the bowl (except cranberries)
3) Scoop a spoon of mixed ingredient on the baking sheet
4) Place diced cranberries ontop
5) Preheat oven, bake for 8-10min at 170 degree Celcius
6) Upon reaching out from oven, allow 1min for cookies to cool down, before scooping them off the tracy
7) Cool them on wired rack, before storing them into bottle 

Florentino Mix
Got this from bakering shop
Mix them well
Scoop them up 
Cooling down
Lovely & tasty end product

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