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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Chennai, Delhi & Noida, India Trip - Nov 2016

As I don't usually blog on my work trip, this is exceptional. Out of the blue, opportunity came by for me to make a short trip to India. A country that I had never thought of going in my life. Though, my photography teacher and his group would certainly love in making a trip there at least once a year.

My trip made me thought and observe lots of things. Obviously, the influence from my photography teacher made me "feel" the life of the people in India. It was "touching", if I am able to use a word to describe. Imagining the situation of living in the past 50 years + air pollution + poor infrastructure + other hard to describe situation.

The advanced and poor, it's just a border apart.

Perhaps my pictures could tell the stories.

A layer of polluted air

The sun and day consider good, API lower

Managed to get a shot, while day was still fine

Horse ride sharing the road
Tuk Tuk too

Delhi Gate

Bicycle too

Welcome to Noida

All kinds of transport and people heading to earn their livings

Poor holly cows surviving life with trash

MGO - What's the green dot for -> It's vegetarian safe

The journey...

  • I had a transit flight to Chennai before heading to Delhi. Glad I didn't had a check in luggage, and was just pulling a light weight cabin luggage. The transit to domestic (Jet Airways) needed me to walk across the building, which is parallel but was under renovation.
  • The feeling of those renovating buildings caught the feeling of 1970s airport.
  • It's not recommended to travel as lone lady in India, glad I had another local lady came along, we took the tuk-tuk shuttle just 2min away
  • I was told Delhi airport wasn't that safe, and I was blessed to have other male colleagues waited for me at the arrival hall
  • Throughout the trip, all male colleagues were my body guards
  • The street could be scary, hence I didn't at all walk around over the weekend... I spent time reading, day dreaming, watching Cartoon Network and nap all day long :)
  • Overall experience... hmm [unexplainable]

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