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Sunday, September 5, 2010


I don't normally read books... but was somewhat inspirational lately with lots of reflections on own believe and life. Being the same time, I was introduced to this book. Rather simple to read (only to those whom knows Chinese). Further on, I am now able to type Traditional Chinese character... as I have been copying some eye-capturing words from the book.

Rather a good book to remind human being on the right path and track we should be heading towards, in a way meaningful life.

Here're some sayings, in Chinese....

不要想 '要怎麼滿足?', 而是想 '為甚麼我會有那麼多不滿?' -- Do not always think, how to get ourselves satisfied, but in a way should ask ourselves ' why is that we have so much unsatisfactory.

人常常期望別人按照我們的想法和標準來做事, 或是修正別人來符合自己的 '版本'。。。我們只要接受每個人本來的樣子, 那麼人與人之間就不會有相處的問題了! -- We always expect others to follow our expectations and our way to present, expect others be the same as us... as long as we respect the differences others have, aren't that human could get along better, respectful of others?

* hee... I may not be good in such translation, especially with a disoriented mind now:P

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