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Sunday, September 26, 2010

DIY - Kiwi Mocktail

Happened to learned this from a local Chinese newspaper yesterday. Since I have some kiwi fruits at home... it was a good time to try out some DIY fruity mocktail, type of non-alcoholic beverage. It was a quick try, with some preparations work in advance, it turned out to be a simple refreshing beverage on a hot and sunny afternoon.

Pictures below proofed it.... 3 kiwis for glasses of 4!

Here's what I got from ChinaPress newspaper Cuisine column. Believe they have yet upload the latest eNewspaper, if interested, you could check it out here in the next couple of days (provided you know Chinese).

The recipe (extracted from Chinapress)

重返天堂 (Drive to Heaven)

微带气泡, 充满奇异果香。

奇异果半粒,柠檬汁30毫升,糖水30毫升, 柠檬汽水100毫升,冰块适量。


Kiwi 1/2, lemon juice 30ml, liquidated sugar 30ml, Pop Lemon (sparking lemon) 100ml, ice cubes

How to:
Blend or smash Kiwi, add lemon juice, sugar. Mix them in mocktail shaker. Add Pop Lemon to fill the glass.

Isn't it easy? Happy trying, if you find it interesting.

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