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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY's eve, Feb 2 2011

It is another CNY, without knowing much of time flies, I had gone through CNY without me looking forward to. It had just been a phase in the calendar that I have to cross-over. Nevertheless, I am still here. Will I make a change for myself next year round, will see.

Presenting a set of CNY flowers I arranged all by myself a week plus ago. Looks just ok right? Well, with me whom don't really invest much on CNY decor, this is just me! All DIY flower arrangement will not cost me much, trust me, if you'd know where to source for it. It's my passion, somewhat but not all.

Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating it. To those who don't celebrate, believe you would enjoy this festive & holiday seasons. May the world be peaceful in the year of golden rabbit, may all be blessed in good health and happy always. To those who are traveling on the road, be safe!

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