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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food Surprises - Taiwanese Taro dessert @ QQ Snow Mix, Sri Petaling

It was so happened we stumbled into Sri Petaling on the way home one evening. Thinking if we could find some good and special food for dinner. Unfortunately, the place around has still been 'alien' to us, where not much that we able to give it a try, as most are chain stores available else where too.

In such, I so happened saw this Taiwanese dessert store. Was wondering if this is another chain store like wise Gong Cha & Cha Time (Bubble tea) or even Snowflake where one can find many branches and store around Klang Valley these days. 2nd thought, what is the relation of this with this pioneer yet famous Snowflake Taiwanese taro dessert? Oh well, I would know if I should classified them as competitor or imitator. It's all depends which one one likes most, it is all depends on one's taste bud, seriously. I can't compare as I am not a very big fan of those commercial desserts, in which I will crave for it every now and then.

Checked out their official website - http://www.qqsnowmix.com/, looks like they are just the one and only branch (so far). Most servings are about the same, even the pickup machine.

No. 149, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Sri Petaling 57000,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

+603-9058-8133 / +6017-635-4013

What attracted me of new food, is the value of me trying it out self DIY homemade recipe, and probably make them out in volume or to share with friends and families... haha :)

Look what we had experimented at home after Snowflake's visit.... ta-da...

I was able to cut them into similar cube shape! Served in some Chinese dessert, like this....

QQ ball recipe & making methods:-

1) Glutinous Rice flour (40%), Potato Starch (10%), Yam or Sweet Potato (50%)
2) Mix ingredient well with glass of cold water
3) Add pinch of sugar for yam mix
4) Mix well into dough, roll them into a stick and cut into small cubes
5) Boil them in water, sieve them up when it float. Rinse them over room temperature water before add them into dessert soup.

Happy trying...


Stef's Realm of Dream said...

how do you do the qq yuan.mind to share the recipe

Purpledee said...

Stef... I have updated the recipe and cooking method in the blog. happy trying :)

Eunice said...

cool!!! Love your recipe! thnx for sharing! ^^