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Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY - Kuih Mor a.k.a. Momo

While I was thinking what else special to bake for this coming CNY, I suddenly thought of this. It was my annual year end vacations, where my mind was full of experimental dishes to try on. Here comes the mood for me to experiment new things, specially those specialties of what we have in the East. How celebrate CNY in the East is ever unique, full with fun and hospitality. Open houses are the norm around, we invites relatives and friends around to gather and have meals together.

Introducing this little white biscuit, which commonly known in the society of Borneo - Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei. The Kuih Mor a.k.a Kuih Momo. Taste to melt in the mouth, milky taste, powdery look. I didn't know it made of Ghee, always thought it is made of butter.

I followed exactly the recipe given with steps. Modified some of the steps given into following for my easy reference in future. It's pretty easy to follow, enjoyed the bake but somewhat my 1st trial did not really melt in mouth as it should.


Piffles said...

yeah, now that you know it's made with ghee, you are wary about eating too much!

i wanted to make for CNY as well but didn't have the time. supposed to make it this weekend, too but look how time passes by ... the weekend is almost over! arrggghhhh

Purpledee said...


you are now very into baking ya! ate your pineapple tarts yesterday, nice. made your own pineapple paste too?