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Friday, January 6, 2012

YET - South Korea Ski Trip, Nov 25-Dec 1 2011 (Part 3)

Upon late afternoon on Day 5, we headed to their domestic airport for our flight to Jeju island. Hooray!

Anyway, we first need to have our early dinner at the airport. Fast food time! A set of burger, one for guy one for lady, how sweet. Check out the spoon, it's made of paper! (Environment friendly, reduce plastic use)

Domestic airway, includes Korean Air and Jin Air. We were on Jin Air to Jeju, the only moment I remembered was the queue we had to bare with some other tourists, it was nightmare. Not to mention the country they were from, but you might be able to guess, it's Asian! Other, was the lengchai Korean steward we say on board, he was just wearing neon Green T-shirt, ever casual.

By the time we checked in hotel at Jeju, it was almost 8pm! Oh dear, all started to feel hungry once again. We had to hunt food on our own that night, no translation or any help. A group of 15 went into a Korean BBQ restaurant and start order (with the help of owner's iPhone!) Mind you, Jeju is much more remote than Seoul, their proficiency in English is extremely low.

The food was heavenly good that night. The best we had throughout the tour, but of course... this was a self paid meal. It cost us like RM600++ for 15pax. Not cheap yeah!

Jeju island, a must go destination of South Korea. The scenic places were made famous because of a Korea Drama too, if not mistaken was called All In. I am not familiar with any of those early 2000 Korean drama, so I barely has any idea on the scene taken.

Day 6 - Tour of Jeju begun. First destination of the day was the Mysterious Road. How mysterious it can be? They said was due to optic illusion, one may see the road as downhill but in fact was uphill. That's all. I can't really spot the difference, but heck.. the morning sun was stunning, that was what I saw.

We headed to a tiny Orange orchard.

The most scenic place I have been in Jeju was Seongsan Sunrise Peak. It was a lovely walk that morning, temperature went a little high up to 20C before it went down to 10C again later in the afternoon. I created a video for the scene.

Seojikoji was another nice place for photography. Unfortunately, I have not many photos to share here as they are all my own portraits. :)

We had pork for lunch. It was yummy. I spotted many windmill surrounding that area.

After lunch, we headed to Seongup Folk Village (that was after lunch, skipped the sequence a little) for honey demonstration and sales. The early part of the story telling was rather interesting, but when the person turned the topic into sales, oh.... I all started to get bored.

3D Trick Art Museum was interesting. Worth a visit.

I skipped another tourist place, the Dragon Head Rock (Yongduam Rock) as the weather changed drastically, it was extremely cold that time, close to 1-2C.

Dinner we had Ginseng chicken soup with rice & noodle. Each person a bowl. Oh! Heavenly nice to had hot soup during winter. Slurp...

Honestly, to explore around the whole Jeju island may need a full 1 week. Our tour was barely hit-and-run of those famous places. If I ever had the chance to come here again, will surely enjoy the scenic places once again.

We stayed Jeju for 2 nights. On the second nite, we had our supper again. It wasn't as full as the previous nights, but the rice wine was good. We can't resist to have it again.

Day 7 - Check out from Jeju Hotel, took a flight back to Seoul. We had some time in between before our flight back to KL, we had our final shopping spree at Myeongdong 明洞. I didn't get anything exciting except a pair of high heel crocs :D

Okie... that's all for this long winded story telling. Overall, I found there's pros and cons upon joining a tour trip like this.

Pros - Ease language barrier; accommodation are decent & up good; tour bus ever ready, less walking; cover wide area of tourist spots;

Cons - Having to wake up early; packing bags and check in new hotel every other days; not able to taste so much of local good foods; shop less (can be good);

Other observation about South Korea....

1) I tend to understand more of this particular country.
2) Internet access at hotel, still not wide coverage. Only available most at the lobby. Anyway, I find my way to enjoy surfing, especially when the tour bus is waiting at hotel lobby.

Overall, it was an excellent trip, glad that I have widen my knowledge on this country.

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