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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Herbaline's Butterfly Threading

This marked my first ever experience with Butterfly Threading facial. Thanks to the available treatment from my ever trusted beauty facial saloon, and of course a friend who introduced such kind of facial treatment many years ago (mind you, he's a guy!) It was an extra ordinary experience with such treatment, compared to normal facial treatment.

Herbaline leaflet

Watch the video which well explains how it was done. A layer of powder was placed and the true thread artwork starts after that. Be mindful, it was real painful, especially for me as a first timer. Tears went off a couple of times, till I really prayed how long else it will finish. The threading itself took me almost 30min. Then it continued with face massage (gua-sa 刮痧), I love this to the max! With the soft aloe vera gel they used, it had been so cooling plus the massage that came by with the jade stone. It was a true pampering one, the cooling gel helped soothing my skin. 

For full information, check out their website here.

What's the effect and feel out from it. I couldn't explain much at this point of time... except kind of itchy once a while, I would say my face feels fresh. The beautician said I would need to apply more moisturizer in order to avoid dryness. So, I'd need to be more hardworking for the next 3 days. :) 

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