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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love my spine - Part 1

Couldn't exactly recall what else I had in my pending blog list. Time has flown so fast, that I had not been able to stay in front of my MBP for more than 10min over a weekend. Is either that, or I was away somewhere out there. Someone been asking if I am joining trip advisor lately, lol.. Oh well, how I wish if I could do that outside of weekend, isn't that cool? *dreaming*

Honestly speaking, I am a lazy freak whom lack of determination in yoga. Being a occasional yogi made me learned a lot on my own spine and vertebra, in such it had been a long while since I realized my spinal vertebra had been in 'tensed' condition for a number of years. Self observing is the greatest lesson I had learned in my yogi life.

Know your spinal structure here. I have severe tense on my cervical spine (neck) C6-7, causing discomfort on my neck and lately on my right hand shoulder. This had been a prolong problem, which I discovered it since younger days. Upon discussion with my yoga instructor, it seems my back spine is slightly longer than a normal Asian. Hence, I would find myself not able to fit into most Asian build chair, things made worse when I get myself on a lazy spine most often. 

Knowing the problem but not correcting it, will cause continuos discomfort. I decided to try on some easy and lazy product out there. Been eyeing BackJoy Posture+  for the past couple of months before I decided to give it a try when Isetan had 10% discount on this product. This product particularly help lifting our lumbar, but it does not 100% correct my cervical spine problem. Nevertheless, I do find 'some' improvement  over my back, as pressure does not really force my butt to the seat. It's recommended for whose buttock needs to stay on the seat most of the time.

Next is my other relatively pricey investment for my neck. This iZest Neck Relax supposed to correct my cervical spine misalignment. Super simple tool, but I would need to invest 10 minutes a day to correct my spine. So far its still in good use, hope I could continue to be determined in using them all.

Health is treasure, be mindful of own body and soul. Happy exercising and give more attention to own body.

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Anonymous said...

Hi ,hows your back now? Izest neck relax helped you?