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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Trip - Tg Sepat, Aug 8 2013

It was about 4-5 years since I been to this place. The particular location was once made happening by AhXian, a local Chinese food channel, and that was the time I was one of those who 'flocked' into the village.

This time round, I could not recall what brought us there. Only recalled there were 3-4 cars that Sunday, on which we went on a Sunday family day trip. To me, its another adventure over a weekend day trip. Couldn't miss any food or shopping.

Stop #1 - Mr. Black Hainanese Pau shop 

(Google Coordinate : 2.659064,101.566369)

Some prefer to queue up for the famous one in the main village area, but we so happened met a warming local at a coffee shop. She'd been very helpful and pointed us some hidden places to shop. The locals prefer this pau shop, not sure why. Perhaps is to avoid the heavy tourist crowd, for some reason, the famous one seems to be overrated. I didn't had a chance to buy them the last round, neither this time. Honestly, I am not a pau person, hence I didn't even buy anything from this Mr. Black pau shop.

Mr. Black Pau Shop
Stop #2 - Kerepek Ubi

(Google Coordinate : 2.659611,101.568236)

Another local introductory buy the lady in her motorcycle. Good quality and deal for locally made snacks - potato chips. It comes with 6 flavors, can't remember all the favors but I know I liked the black pepper the most.

Kerepek Ubi Uncle's home
Uncle's stock
Stop #3 - Ever famous Pau at Tg Sepat

No tourist will miss this location. In fact, it's just a street away from where we bought the chips. Look at the queue, and it flew all the way to the main street. Imagine how tourists queue up under the hot sun.

Since we didn't fancy, we made ourselves towards a place to chill. Passion fruit drink was nice. And its local coffee was good too. It's shopping time!

Queue at the famous Pau
Passion fruit drink
Local coffee
Stop #4 - Home made fish balls

(Google coordinate : 2.659611,101.568236)

Another hidden supplier for the locals. We made to another local's house for their homemade fish balls. It was great, and obviously not commercial. Just like those feel of not needing to literally fight with tourists.
Home made fish balls
Made to fed under the hot sun
Stop#5 - Hai Keng Seafood

(Google Coordinate : 2.655535,101.566227)

Last highlight by our local guide. Another local hidden place to dine. We all love the  traditional ambience, overlooking the sea. We had pretty nice sea breeze that afternoon. Lunch was good, with serving of tody + stout, local fried fish, and many many special local dishes we had not try before. It was tasty.... awesomely good.

Hai Keng in Hokkien means Sea View
Local styled restaurant
Toddy with stout
Lala fried Bihun
Local fried fish
Fish meal and fried cuttle fish
The bill for 12 pax
Stop#6 - Gold Coast Morib

This was unintentional, but we wanted to check out if we could have any possible plan to have a 2 days 1 night stay over.

Gold Coast Morib
The Lobby
Crab hunting by the beach

Very summarized trip report. Nevertheless, the lunch was great :) Return is on its way.

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