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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cycling - April KL Car Free day, Apr 6, 2014

Heard it was a monthly event, but not sure if DBKL (Kuala Lumpur Municipal Council) still active in organizing this. Earlier this year, the first Sunday of the month had been gazette as Car Free in the center of KL. Not the whole stretch of road been closed, but at least half of the on-going road. I have lost the route pic.. hence can't share. The crowd was not great, many was on bike, walk, run.. while some on skate boards, horse ride (believe these are officials) and so on.

My intention was just for the fun and experience. At least explored once and had the real 'feel' for event which is more towards the "fun" part, rather than the "competition" part. Partner and I literally retired (or retiring) from some event which content the nature of competition (OCBC is a definite No No), target hitting and most importantly unsafe route. I appreciate nature, as much that we should "feel" the greenery and oxygen, get ourselves connected to the nature, at some point - photography for future view of those feeling. Not the smell of carbon monoxide and over speeding vehicles passing along / opposite the bikers. Such route perhaps work fine for other cycling friendlier countries, such as OZ, Taiwan, Europe and so. But not in this Boleh Land city... except during the special gazetted day :)

My GoPro in action, once again... picture tells story below.

Near KLCC 
KLCC on Car Free Sunday 
Greenery in the heart of KL city 
Sogo Intersection
Brass bands to cheer
Pumpkin Horse 
Stunning morning sun
The famous Yut Kee was crowded
Cars or bikes
My next fun cycle event? One unsure, and one overseas! Looking forward, hope I still know how to ride by then. :=)

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