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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dive Trip - Laguna @ Redang Island, Mar 28-30, 2014

First dive trip of 2014. Nothing special, except it was a partial sponsored company trip. A luxurious stay and dive, I would say. My buddy and I enjoyed the room, consider extreme luxury for divers like us. 4 pax room, equipped permanent beds. We paid for double on a quad room, how we wish we have more friends to accompany us with laughter. Nevertheless, we do enjoyed the quietness some times.

I had my GoPro Hero3 with me this time. Unlike the dive last year, where all files were wiped out as it re-written over. Not too bad this time. Except I forgot to turn it on the beginning of the dives , or rather don't know how to... Managed to took video only over the last few dives.

Fishes & divers
Slightly colored 
The Nemo (Clown Fishes) were too shy
In the evening 
It was cloudy evening
Large dining hall overlooking the sea
My selfie :D 
Between the rocks 
Surfacing... with my lights on
Nice weekend getaway. It was great, except for the long bus journey and traffic jam getting back to the city that Sunday. It was a long weekend, somewhat traffic was rather heavy at Gombak toll.

Wish to have more dive trips in 2014. Seems its impossible considering our buddies schedule and commitments. Till then, mates!

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