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Sunday, October 18, 2015

My 2015 Dive Diary

As usual, I didn't clock more than 2 dives in a year. Our dive resorts were exactly the same of last year, it was just at a different order. Thus, I wouldn't blog them in any detail. It's just marking our memories here - cool friends always make our life more meaningful.

Bubbles Dive Resort - Pulau Perhentian - Sometime in May 2015
  • Extremely fun trip with just the 6 of us
  • It's a relax, quiet and back-to-nature trip, be it on shore or underwater
  • Flew with firefly, stayed one night in Kuala Besut, all in 1 room
  • It was a LEGO trip, each of us has a character represented
  • Dives were leisure, no rush and ever relax during interval.. hammock waits for us
  • Woke up with the turtle, it was turtles eggs laying season, they made their way to Bubbles.. almost every night
  • A place to find dark yet starry sky, met my 1st comet in life.. but I forgot to make a wish :P
  • Foods were good, nothing fancy except home cooked styled and yet no MSG
  • Certainly hope the business and service maintains, it will be out annual get a way place
Fresh food served
Yummy puff served during tea time 
LEGO diver getting geared up too 
Dive center
Turtle Hatchery
Mini turtles are in under
It's ME 
Joyful kids
Clear water 
Lunch at Besut Sakura
Laguna Resort - Pulau Redang - Some time in July 2015

  • This was a trip, with non-divers.. marked our 8th year anniversary (from an overseas trip) of an ever 8xx group
  • 1st ever back-to-back trip after touched down from a 26 hours long haul business trip, was glad I made it without any unforeseen delay
  • Nothing much to shout for the resort and dive trips, it feels like a city in an island.. crowded and concrete
  • Dives were not great with the large boat, but visibility and sites were alright
  • Did some post of my UW picture from the GoPro.. (I was previously lazy viewing my videos)
  • Fun with the group
Dinner when we arrived K. Terrenganu 
Breakfast at KT 
Walk at the Turtle Alley
Hey buddies! 
Blue sky was the best!

My buddy
Sun rises with moon still around 
Burning sun rising 
Nyonya lunch @ Mdm Bee's before heading home 
Dinner at Summer Park, Bkt Tinggi
Short and sweets report... nothing fancy to share. It's more of my fond memories captured here. Till then.. awaiting for another great diving year ahead.

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