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Saturday, October 17, 2015

My bread making journey...

I could see most mommy will bake for kids, I would say mine is bake for colleagues. Glad that I have a bread lover colleague, no matter rainy or sunshine, she won't hesitate bread or flour to be precise.

Marking the close-to-1 year journey of bread making. I had fun with this kitchen gadget, good buy, in particularly its yeast separation function. My success rate is close to 95% thus far. Despite at once, silly me who missed out the yeast entirely.

Panasonic Breadmaker SD-P104. It cater for smaller volume, between 250g-300g of bread. Perfect size for me, as I could get it finish daily, eat freshly. With the ready "pao" flour, I made steamed bun too, aka "pao". My preference is always wheatmeal bread, with a ratio of 250g High Protein and 30g wheatmeal flour. I didn't quite like the recommended recipe, as it would harden the texture of bread.

I didn't take my picture when I did loaf of breads. Until I joined a FB group where we need to submit our so called "homework"... there goes my creativity and eagerness to try on various variety of breads. I started to make buns with Dough Mode. Perfectly well for a person like me who hates kneading flour. With the breadmaker, I wouldn't need to stress my wrist and its just effortless.

I don't mind taking out the ready dough, flatted them on a table mat, release the excess air in the dough, then let it proof for another hour.

My breadmaking journey thus far...

Otak-Otak bun
Black pepper cheese bun
The inner cheese
Green tea loaf
Pork belly steamed bun
Read bean akuzi swirl loaf

Wholemeal fluffy bun
Wholemeal long loaf
Pan baked Mozarella cheese bun

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