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Friday, July 24, 2009

Cheese Cakes !

Guess I had lost my momentum in blogging lately... probablyI feel shy of utilizing my neighbor's WiFi everyday... poor me has not even get my TM Streamyx internet connection back. It's almost 3 weeks! That will be a separate issue to bring on later, will see how much more time I will need to wait.

OK, since its Friday.. and the weekend has started... let's have my 1st writing Last-in First-out (LIFO) ! This is the latest hot-baked cheese cake from the oven...

My house is now full with Cheese Cakes !! There are all together... about 7 varieties??!! (I had lost count in fact). The one I remember most is the rum and raisin cheese cake... it tasted more like fruit cake... probably the rum and raisin taste had covered up the cheese taste.

Further on (as I remembered correctly), there were carrot cheese cake, apple pie cheese cake, baked blue berry cheese cake, and.... was plain cheese cake (oh no, I lost my memory). I like the apple pie cheese cake the most, if only the apple could have tasted better... its just as much as I like McD's apple pie !!

Apple pie cheese cake

Blueberry chilled cheese cake

Oh by the way, when I had the slice of cheese cake this morning, it from from my fridge. Guess what, the smell blended well with my box of durian in the fridge. Believe it's time for a Durian Cheese Cake ! To those who involve in this cake-baking session, probably its time to try out new recipe. ... hehe, the 'those' obviously does not include me, I am definately not a cake-maker :P

Next on the menu was lemon cheese cake and chilled blue berry cheese cake. I hope that is all for the weekend, I don't wanna dream of cheese cake in my dream :P

p.s. guess this is the first time in my blogging history, I took almost 5 hours to complete this post :))

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