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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loong Grilled Fish @ NZX PJ

It has been soooo hot lately, its not suitable for any outdoor activities after all. So, am I starting to blog again? Let's see what I have in my pending photos. I have lots of Food pictures in my folder, but I don't really think I will be blogging on foods more these days. My taste bud has gone tasteless, and there is no much attraction out there anymore... unless I have a good chance to go outing overseas :p

Nevertheless, I have this on my 'plate' sometime ago when a FB friend posted something owned by the same owner at a stall in SS2 hawker center. Why did it capture my memories, well... coz I was sitting in front of the stall just a day before the post went out, I was curious of the food served as a bunch of people sitting next door were ordering so much food - the black color shell in fact the one captured my attention.

Since I have a weekly class to attend within that area, I decided to go for a try. NZX is a short form of Niu Zhe Xui (牛车水), a place I remember which were very happening, selling CNY stuffs just before CNY. We were there 2 years ago, if I am not mistaken. Today, the entire place is so empty. Left behind an empty space to walk, no more stalls, no more lights and so. It had been deserted. There are only a few main shops occupying those facing mainroad, and a very British like restaurant named Fullhouse located in NZX.

Loong Grilled Fish is not only selling grilled fish. They do serve many other dishes including pork knuckle. Due to the fact I prefer individual set at that moment. We ordered salted fish fried rice and a black pepper fish with rice. Price wise was reasonable, ranges around RM6.90 for each. Also, we added a side dish of claypot salted fish pork belly. Another attraction to me was their drinks served with all kinds of theme. Most importantly price has to be reasonable. I like my aloe vera drink much...

By the way, they do named themselves as Wang Zi (王子)Cafe too.

How to get there... Kafe Loong Grill Fish is available in MFM map's GPS Coordinate.
GPS Coordinate : N3 06.918 E101 35.320
Address : 69G, Jalan 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagang NZX PJU 1A,
Petaling Jaya 47301 Selangor M,sia
Tel: 603- 7885 0252
Fax: 603- 7885 0252
Web: http://www.loonggrillfish.blogspot.com

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