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Friday, February 19, 2010

Year of Tiger - May all have a Joyful Roaring year

It is still not too late to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome all to the year of tiger.
May all have a prosperous and happy days this whole year!

The picture below is the CNY decoration at OneUtama Shopping mall, someone told me it looks nice?!! I neither agree nor disagree. It looks more like a cat than a tiger, though cat and tiger is from the same animal family.

My picture below looks more like it, it's a tiger! I got this from the Guardian stamp redemption gift exchange, since December last year, posted here. Isn't it cute, but one thing I don't really like it, is when it could not sit well, haha! See photos below, how I made it sit.

Next, I finally dragged myself to watch this locally produced movie. Heard of its good comment many weeks ago, but just couldn't find a good time to visit the cinema. When I was still free couple of days back, we went to a cinema nearby as early as 10.30am, but still tickets were all sold out! Gosh... lucky enough, since I am still on vacation today, we managed to get tickets at a cinema last night.

(Picture from WooHoo Official website)

Visit http://www.woohoo.my/ for more information.

I was lucky! As I got the chance to visit the shooting place at Beserah, Kuantan during the eve of Chinese New Year, even before I watch this movie. Indeed a good place for shooting, nice peaceful village for everything, especially for one who loves nature, peace and relax. I had a few good picture shoots with my DSLR there, I had caught the right spot!

Next, sharing my childhood memories with you. If you are familiar with Taiwanese band, you might know Little Tiger (小虎队). This is their wiki page. They were formed 20+ years ago, and disbanded 10+ years ago. Recently, they presenting themselves once again on stage during a CNY show. What I like most is their togetherness, presenting lively songs, meaningful and yet capturing the moment well, with a positive heart and energy.

Here's their recently stage show from toutube.

Last but not least, I noticed I have this collection around my desk too. If you happen to collect this bean-bag tiger from a petrol station about 10+ years ago, you will know and even might have it collected too :) Nice ya!

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