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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-CNY, Feb 12 2010

It was a Friday before 2010 CNY, which happens to fall on the Feb 14 Valentine's day this year. It had been a year which I most decided not to celebrate, not sure why but I am tired with it same old thing every year. No feel no mood and it is most by routine work I need to go through each year. Wouldn't it be a more cheerio with deep feelings and happiness should a CNY be? Anyway, I noticed there are many friends of mine had gone through that "feel" before.

Anyway, the Friday morning lead to more anxiety and happiness while heading to work. The feeling of less stress day, as many has gone on leaves. I noticed one thing while on my way heading out to the highway. A new moon!!

Wouldn't it be strange to see a new moon on the last few days before a lunar month end? I was surprised, on the other hand feel that something might had gone wrong to the earth... A new moon should appear only at least Day 2 onwards after CNY, which presenting a new lunar month.

I checked the Moon Phases website, and true enough they expect a new moon to be on Feb 14. So why Feb 12? God knows, I don't know.

Here's the pictures taken on the way, with the moon light appears slightly. Too bad I was in a moving car, else I might have a better picture taken.

We earlier thought the traffic would be bad, considering most heading outstations will be leaving on the same day same time. Lucky enough.. traffic wasn't that bad, even we had to drop by PJ before heading Karak highway. Half way through, I missed "durian bomb" cake from Yik Kee. There goes this tiny little bomb.. what could you imagine from the look, hehe.... (naughty, naughty).

Lastly, this is something I got for CNY all the way from Bangkok.... stamps filling up a CNY card!
Probably its purposely to show how much love has been stamped on it...


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