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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Expired Milk (过期牛奶之用途)

Look at the expiry date printed on this tetra packed milk. Picture was taken last weekend, and it has been way past due... to be honest, the milk is still in my fridge. What will I do with it?

After google'ing for a week, here's what I gathered and could share around.

According to The Greenists here, it can be poured into the toilet bowl, in which its enzyme will break down the content of tank. It is good for compose too.. make sense since it has enzyme. Watering rose plant can be an idea too...Not bad, it is equally the same from what I searched through from Chinese websites. By the way, if you have a bucket full of expired milk, probably worth trying to take a milk bath!

A Chinese site listed down the benefit of milk, which includes expired milk here.










For the benefit of others, let me translate them as below :

1) Making use of expired milk as shooting cream for leather goods, i.e. shoes. Clear up dusk on your leather shoe with a piece of cloth; apply milk on the leather; finally wipe them off. It could prevent leather from hardening and crack.

2) Dilute harden expired milk with water; it is good for maintaining your wooden flooring.

3) Remove ink stain on your cloth; pour the milk on your stained cloth, rub it before wash.

4) Same as #1 above, it is useful to maintain leather products, like sofas.

5) Water the plant; it is something to do with composing and enzymes.

6) Cooking; it needs to be heated with lower temperature, then mixed with egg for toast bread or add-on into fish soups.

So.. is it worth to know the use of an expired milk. Don't waste, sure there is good way of handling waste.

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