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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shop for your Garden @ Sg Buloh

I'm not a landscaper, I'm not a gardener, but somewhat a home may need some enhancement to enlighten life, once in a while. Thus, we may be spending some money for affordable water feature, water fountain and some decorations. It's always easy to shop for such item in a modern DIY shop, hyper furniture mall like Harvey Norman, but those place can sell at super pricey price. If you don't mind paying for convenience and comfort, it is all well and fine. But if you are someone whom enjoy hunting for quality yet reasonable priced item, it may be worth travel a bit further, shop under the hot sun, hunt for the best choices ever after.

Jalan Sg Buloh, a place where you can be spoiled of choice for landscape and garden necessary products, be it water features, plants, soil, grass, pots, etc...

We stumbled into several shops along the road, and finally landed on this best choice after all. This is the main factory selling water features, stone / cement made type. They have several branches located nearby. This particular one does sell variety of types, and most importantly they can do some minor custom cut if you wish.

Here's their name care. Look for Tropic Garden Design, Lot 71 & 72 along Jalan Sg Buloh. There are a few huge elephants in front of the shop.

Some little mini variety of water feature.

We bought this set, with some pick-and-match done. Promotional price was at RM250 only. Besides, the shop accept credit card (with no extra charges) :)

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