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Monday, August 9, 2010

Food Surprises - Hong Kong Polo Marketing (香港菠籮仔)

Really sorry, girls & boys, ladies & gentlemen... I'd really neglected my blog for such a long time. This post was drafted long ago, but till today, I am still writing on it. Blame it on the busy life and busy work... there goes my passion on blogging. Yeah rite! Many excuses -- plenty!

Before I stumbled into this shop, I was just dreaming of the Polo Bun I had when I was back in Kota Kinabalu 2 years ago. Gosh... time flies, it was really 2 years ago about this time, I remember it was end of July till early August. Gang of us went over without plans, with an easy going holiday mood, or course with a cheap air fare. We went into a coffeeshop, on a one fine morning, which located just below our B&B along Gaya Street.

Good enough, I saw a shop selling Polo Bun as their hot cake. There are lot of varieties in the shop, but I don't see many on display at the counter. That's because these buns are selling like hot cake! Really in good demand. Many been walking into the shop, just to order dozens of bun.

Buns they sell includes below (those tag which I saw at that particular time) :-
  • Char Siew Po Lo Bun (叉烧菠籮仔)
  • Mini Chic Floss Po Lo Bun (迷你鸡丝菠籮仔)
  • YamPo Lo Bun (芋头菠籮仔)
  • Mini Durian Po Lo Bun (迷你榴莲菠籮仔)
  • Wong Kok Char Siew Soh (旺角叉烧酥)
  • Custard Po Lo Bun (奶皇菠籮仔)
  • Po Lo Bun Original (奶油菠籮仔)
  • CreamCheese Po Lo Bun
  • 。。。。
It was just so difficult to wait till the buns ready. I would think, they seriously need to implement a better ordering system. The personnel just could not remember who has ordered what.

Another skeptical note from me is, I would not sure if this particular bakery shop still exist today... hehee... as I had visited them quite some time ago. I will definitely check them out again, when I am hanging around that place again.

Here's the bun I tried, char siew Po Lo bun... was nice! (sorry, it's non-Halal).

Here's the location, sorry forgot to take down the GPS coordinate :P
Kindly refer to map below.

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