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Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY - Ginger Lemon Bun

Following the new look, I felt more enthusiast to update my blog. Indeed a different feeling, browsing through the calm blue look. Somewhat, the sunset picture still does not fully matches the feeling here. Anyway, I need to do more search, or rather more photography to capture the real moment I would wish to present here.

Kick started my baking project today. The new baking book has been with me for several months. I had never do anything about it, except tagging the 'wish-to-do' pages! It wasn't a good start though, the so-called bun was still edible. Tasted like an old ginger bread cookie, can't recall the cookie brand we used to take when we were young.

Here are the snap shots from the cook book, and the end product. Couldn't describe the taste well, hmmm... crunchy? tasty? spicy? oh well, I knew I missed out something after finished baking - it was an egg!! great ya, somewhat it did not meant much without it.

By the way, Purpledee now has many many books to read. Not sure what had happened to her these days, started to pick up reading. It was probably due to my lil cozy study cum relaxing place.

Excluding the free Ikea 2011 catalog, these were all my collection from Popular book store @ The Curve last mid-week public holiday.


rou-zhen said...

hahaha.. what is about MARINE LIFE?? for your diving?

Purpledee said...

yeah! it's a beginner dictionary for my new underwater 'friends'. Else I can't call their names when I meet them ;)