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Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY - Banana Cake

I think I am hyper today! Had accomplished many to-do tasks for myself, probably it was well started with the 7am morning walk at the lakeside park, walked to-from my house for the 1st time ever! The entire journey was err... 1km probably?

And so, I baked the 2nd cake for the day!

Learning from my past Banana muffin lesson, which was less moist. This time round I added more smashed banana! Texture was great, and it served well when it was still fresh from the oven. Based on this recipe, it had an idea of adding a layer of sliced banana + walnut, great! Not sure whether it will stays the same texture tomorrow morning.. hope so!

Here are the 'evidence'sss...

The other great accomplishment was -- my blog! Finally I'd pushed myself to start writing once again. :-) Weirdly, I found something strange too~!

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