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Monday, December 6, 2010

Gardening World - Passion Fruit (百香果)

It had been a while since I last blog on plants. I enjoy cultivating fruit trees and the plant which has more benefit than harm. It had been the greatest reason for me to plant fruits at my backyard. I experimented many fruit plant from its seed, unfortunately... not all succeed with its final result - fruit! Thus, only those I had successfully planted will make its way here, to Purple's diary blog.

It took me 1 year and 3 months -- cultivating the passion of this "passion fruit" till it bear and have ripen fruits. It really took a lot of my passion to see them grow.

A friend passed me this one and only fruit from her house in Seremban last year, sometime September. I tasted the extract, and left behind about 8-10 seeds to plant. Close to a month, it grew little young ones. From there onwards, this climbing vine has concurred almost all my backyard's fence.. even stood high tall over my mulberry tree! It was worrying... other plants at the bottom of the vines basically can't survive much, as they all get minimal sunlight, but some still surviving well.

Unknowingly, there are lots of good thing about this fruit, its fruits as well as its flowers. Check out more information at some of the articles below.


According to the articles, the tree is rich in medicine properties.

  • The fruit extract - anti-cancer effect
  • The fruit peel extract - reduce asthma symptoms
  • The flower - relaxing and anti-anxiety effects
  • The leave - brew as tea; induce sleep

You may find more medicinal facts out from these tree and fruit... Thought the vines have now strangle my other medicinal plant, the mulberry... believe with they both supporting each other, now they are more believe to serve more benefits out from themselves.

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Waiyee Chan said...

Wow, the passion fruit flower is very beautiful! My friend gave me a passion fruit plant yesterday.. wanted to google about how to plant and i came across your site!

you have mulberry plant too?? may i know where to buy? i've been hunting high and low for it.. T.T