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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leong Kee (良记) Steamed Rice/Soup

Soup is nourishing, herbal soup is good for health. Not too sure why, I would prefer having soup for dinner these days, especially during the weekdays. Most likely is because I may dooze off early after some restless day at work :P. Healty tips - heading to bed before your food gets fully digested is a bad practice; lying down or even sitting after a heavy meal will cause indigestion too. So, take good care of your health.

Back to the soupy eating. We recently found such chained stall is available at most or some hawker centers. Firstly, we saw it at Kota Kemuning's Poh Yap Restaurant, but never try. Then we hang around at Ara Damansara lately after work.... finally gave it a try. The stall is located at Restaurant Do Re Mi.

Personal comment, I would say it may not be as good as real home-cooked steam soup. But for working one in the ever hectic city, it may be a good meal for dinner. I used to have such steamed soup when I was working at Kelana Jaya close to 10 years ago. Not sure if it still exist there. Another stall which we usually had our steamed soup is the road side stall at Paramount. I didn't get their stall name even after several visits, but it is real famous there.

So, this is Leong Kee Steamed Rice/Soup stall, which available in many hawker centers. They indeed have a good business model, target for working folks like us.

Official website - http://www.leongkee.com/

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