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Sunday, August 7, 2011

E25 LATAR Highway, featuring Kuala Selangor

Another month came, and it had been 2 months in a row we have an outing for Birthday celebration with friends and their families. This time round, the targeting outing place for dinner was Kuala Selangor. Some of you might know, the newly launched highway towards Kuala Selangor is still on trial, until end this month it will be free of charged.

Stumbled into Paul Tan's write up here from a friend's FB.

In summary, though the journey time could reduces, I still think it is far moving over from Kota Kemuning to NKVE - Guthrie Corridor - LATAR. The feel was.... just too pricy with many toll booth in between the journey.

Honestly, it had been a while since I last went to Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan. I prefer Sekinchan as I could have a stunning view of the wide greenery of paddy fields. Anyway, this trip wasn't too bad too, since weather was good and I had captured some so-so sunset view. Not with my DSLR, it was all compact!

Don't ask me why I dine in this restaurant, it was planned by the organizer. Honestly, I would think the place is over tourists attractions. By means, I still love seafood!

My stunning sunset view. Super love only a few of this.

Here are parts of the foods served.

These mini cakes were bought from one of the dried seafood stalls.

Lastly, the trip to Kg Kuantan for Kelip-Kelip (fireflies) was great. I enjoy the peacefulness, especially when I got to lie myself down on the sampan, staring at the stars and pakcik slowly cruises us, 4 in a boat along the river. It was an ever relaxing time to spend, quietly staring at those fireflies stays on the Mangroves tree. They build their "Christmas Tree" everyday. Ever been so nice to glow in the dark. According to Pakcik, best is to follow Chinese Lunar calendar, if ones would like to enjoy the best scenery and timing, avoid full moon basically.

Haha! I purposely left the photo blank.... it was all dark! :)

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