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Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY - The Passion fruit's "transformer"

My backyard's Passion fruit vine tree has always made my proud. I am proud of its ability to produce many passion fruits.... thinking of it, guess it is time for me to trim them and give them a good haircut :).. hehe. Unknowingly, I had been extremely busy these days, work is one thing, house chores is another thing... like is just too much worries and unpredictable. It wasn't that I worry too much, but I dreamt too much :P

Seriously, I have planned this blog long time ago. Been collecting the past experiments on my passion fruits product. There are a couple of it I could have missed taking photo.. nevertheless, most of them are here.

The passion fruits.

My most popular Passion Konyaku Jelly.

Jasmine tea + Passion fruit, tasted quite good.

Lastly, the experimental Passion fruit + Mint + Pop Soda + blended, refreshing one.

In fact, I experimented Passion fruit cheese tarts too.. but forgot to take pictures :P

Would welcome any ideas, if you have one to share :)

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