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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glucosamine & MSM Cream

Believe most who has joint problem may have been consuming Glucosamine in pill form all these while. Glucosamine has been very commonly on the shelf of pharmacy over these years, personally I do not consume it, as the matter I do not have joint problem (yet). However, friends and family members surrounded me yet mostly have such problem, unfortunately.

On the other hand, MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane has also been sold in the pharmacy shelf recently, claim to be dietary supplement. It claims to have anti-inflamatory effect, which could cure swollen injury, especially around the bone and joint area.

Anyway, me being me, I am real skeptical with anything that needs to get into my mouth, and dilute into my body via my digestion system. This always come to my mind, how could it gets to the exact section in my body, one that needs it?

Not until I overheard there is such cream that one could apply, Glucosamine and/or with MSM cream, which can be applied only at the affected area. I recently twisted my ankle (again), same spot same area when I first had it back during my Shanghai vacation trip, in which I had met up my regular massage Soon Sifu. This time round, I twisted it again during my last Pulau Weh vacation... it took me a while to get it better and thus recover.

Here's my ankle when I first need to visit Soon Sifu after touched down from the airplane :)

My story aside. When I discovered that someone introduced my partner another type of Glucosamine cream, I decided to shop for it in Singapore pharmacy. Heard that it is not commonly found in Malaysia yet. Indeed was true, I went to Isetan pharmacy in Singapore Shaw, and found at least 4 to 5 types of such product on the shelf. I wasn't sure what's the best, and the price varies between $22 to $58. I thus bought the lowest range - Kordel's Glucosamine + MSM cream, reason being that it has additional ingredient. Of course, to be safe I did bought the other one which was recommended - LYNK's TCG Glucosamine cream.

Here are the 2 I bought.

And the rest which were still remained on the shelf.

Blogging this is nothing much but to share that there is such product out there, in case one would need to give it a try. I personally still yet to know which helps, but after a week plus observation, my ankle condition seems to be little much improved. However, not too sure if its physiologically impact.

Happy to try on and let me know. :)

By the way, after searching over internet for a while. I noticed Kordel's cream seems to be available in Malaysia's market.

Updated Aug 29, 2011:-

Here was what I had discovered for our local pharmacy around Klang Valley. Both major one like Watson and Guardian do have this carried. However, the cream were carried into the market with a different name, is called "EZI Cream". Not too sure what does it sounds to be... may be easy? Anyway, here's the packaging in case you would wish to try it out.

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