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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Qi Gong Massage @ Soon Reflexology, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Mr Soon has been my savior of body ache pain every now and then. How I get to know him? It was through an introduction from my uncle when he saw I had a very bad swollen ankle about 1.5 years ago. I fell from a step during my Jan 1 trip to Shanghai last year, I twisted my right ankle badly. Upon returning to Malaysia, I had visited couple of reflexology sifu, but things did not improve for at least a month long!

Till I visited Mr Soon, he applied Qi Gong acupressure method and I found it very effective and relaxing... That's how I discover his service and most friend and family I had introduced to him will find him good.

Lately, I have been visiting Mr Soon twice in a month.. why? Well... as you might know, I could have been stretching some part of my body muscle too much, after several lesson for diving. Also some amount of stress at work and working on my laptop for long hours. Early May before my trip to Singapore and Lang Tengah, I had severe upper back, shoulder and arm pain. After once massage... I feel so 'loose' and relax, it helped me to have a 'painless' trips.

Later just 2 weeks ago, I had severe lower back pain instead. Most probably due to my long hour sitting position in the office and back home. I should have more micro break each time I get too much 'into' my work. It could be due to my odd-posture I had lately - bed + netbook :)

In case you would wish to know how to get there, Mr Soon's shop is just above Nam Heong Chicken rice shop. GPS Coordinate: N3 07.126 E101 37.195

You might wish to give him a call before visit, as he does not have any helper at the meantime, its only him who does the massage work.

Tel : +603-7958 8227
Handphone : +6012-388 3227

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Update: Soon massage has now moved to a block behind. Above Sydney Optical, same row as Savemart SS2.


Jacko said...

wakaka, u made it. i can delete all my photos for soon sifu liao...

Purpledee said...

haha, remedy ticket has been assigned (unknowingly) :)