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Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day out in Singapore - Part 1

As my busy weekend and weekdays begins on the week of May 3, 2009... here my week started with a journey to Singapore (yeah.. again Singapore) for my 1st training of the year. Apparently on the Day 1 of the course, I found it's an interesting course to start off with.

I arrived here earlier on Sunday, just to meet up my sis and hang around shopping malls.. not window shopping but a serious shopping only for my necessary stuffs. My shopping habit has changed lately, guess its towards the brighter sight of it.

Journey started with a quick coffee at KLIA, the main terminal building as I was departing from departure hall H. Bumped into this cafe, or its called Palms Grill & Bar. Locates just next to the terminal train stops. Ordered a cup of Latte, but it wasn't a good choice. The place is rather spacious, with some rounded sofas, nice view on our 'empty' airport with a few aircraft parked at its parking bay... things I don't like was... the place is rather noisy, not by the customer but its workers! (imagine the whole cafe has only ME in there).. their Latte tasted horrible too.

Followon, I safely arrived at Singapore Changi T2 airport, saw few bodyheat detectors in operations while I walked myself towards the Immigration counter. It's Swine Flu season!

Upon checking into Grand Hyatt Singapore, my 1st thing to grab is Old Chang Kee's Curry puff from its stall next door. Good snacks to fill my stomach on a mid-day. What I like most of this curry puff? well, its the 'egg' in it...

And here's my hotel room view! Better one compare to the last trip, which was facing the construction site next door.

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