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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day dreaming post.... :)

Another *dreaming* post... *dwink*, as I mentioned earlier I wish I will be traveling out there... but then its not during the Swine Flu period now, especially to some infected country like Japan.

Was dreaming of my frequent trips to Japan 2+ years ago. Having need to bring myself there for every quarter, made my life as if I am part of the Japanese. Walking into the restaurant at Takanawa, most will speak Japanese to me. Remembering a waitress was trying to speak Japanese to me, in the end, she spoke Mandrin to me. Apparently, she's one who had been studying in Tokyo for almost 5 years. My other experience was during a trip from Shanghai-Tokyo, I was on ANA flight. The crew refused to hand me the embarkment form, saying I am a Japanese... I was forced to answer " Anata-wa ie Nihon jin". Such thing could happen to me.. Luckily I had done my beginner class of Japanese.

On the train, from Narita Airport to Shinagawa station... it was a 1+ hour journey only if you are on Narita Express (NEX). If you broad onto the other train, which both board from the same platform, you would ended up at the same destination in 2 hours. It happened to me once, but thank god I had a colleague with me... it was the same trip we had from Shanghai - Tokyo. There was some problem occured on the Tokyo railway route, it went into a mess and we have to change several trains to reach our destination.

Other thing I miss was their authentic Japanese food. Colleague will bring me to all kinds of restaurants, i.e. Shabu-shabu, Sushi, pork-chop rice shop, etc.... I miss them and their accompany very much :(

I miss shopping too... so far I had only had some opportunity to shop at Akihabara - the electrical area and Ginza - the fashion street. I was normally on my own at Akihabara, I could have a great sweet time hanging around at electrical malls... searching high and low for my gadget stuffs, camera equipment.... I still regret for not buying my SLR camera bag on my last trip there. Roppongi was with 2 ladies colleagues... we had our dinner there and observed Tokyo Tower view from the roadside.

Ginza was surely a place my colleague and I had got lost for several streets before we got to our destination - Zara fashion store! It was a planned afternoon where we both agreed to explore the place, selecting which area's Zara should we go and take a look. These are the pictures that triggers me to this dreaming post. Misses the thrill of needing to rush ourselves during the after work hour... train was cramped all the way, got lost a few times on the street, didn't know which direction should we head to, etc.... it was amazed! It was also the only time I shopped for cloths in Japan....

I still recalled a "amazing race" arriving at a dinner place, where our local colleagues had abandoned both of us foreign colleagues to get there on ourselves during a peak after work hour. Getting to the restaurant at an alien place to us, it was rather hard.. as we would need to change several train, ended up lost in transit.. haha..

Missing every single memories I had at Tokyo, didn't really explore the place during most of my trips. Earlier trips I was rather coward to explore on my own, locking myself in the hotel room and office most of the time. The most is exploring what's there in the drug store, i.e. cosmetics and so.. as well as Supermarkets, Apple-Isetan is my favorite! :)

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