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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dive Trip to Lang Tengah Island, Terrenganu May 7-9, 2009

It was an immediate trip after my training trip to Singapore mid last week. I spent barely 4 hours at home, 2 hours of sleep.. before I have to head off to Merang, a town after Kuala Terrenganu, east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Rushing and stress will be my lifestyle in the month of May, I have to admit. Good that I had started it as a leisure before my stress coming on (先甜后苦), at least I had got a short break before a great stress at work.

Somehow, I had great amount of hard time to get through my Open Water Dive course, like sacrificing all my weekends for the past 1 month just to attend classroom classess, pool lessons and so on. Oh yeah, and even get my skin tan like I have never been before even I stayed in an island since borned!

Photos below somehow shows the chronological order on how my trip preparation went by... First was the most significant tan I had got from this pool session at Selangor Polo Club, Kota Damanasara. I was in the pool from 1PM - 5:30PM.. gosh!!!

Second pool session was at a smaller but deeper pool opposite University Hospital, PJ at similar hour, namely Diver's Dent.

Next, was the shopping of my very basic gear. I had got my mask somewhere end-Apr this year, I do like the clearity of it, won't fog much... but a bit unfortunate it does not fit my face well after several pool and sea sessions. Was joking with my friends - it seems my face had got slimmer after the hard time rushing around... hehe, think positively! Anyway, I am prepared to shop for a better one before my next dive trip.

Followon, just 2 days before my dive trip... I was searching up and down in Singapore for my dive attire. Was thinking of getting a wetsuit but didn't get one which suits my liking. In the end, I found a rashguard which I like it very much, cos its in PINK ! I wasn't sure if a rashguard would enough for me, fortunate enough... underwater temperature was 31degree Celcius, not too cold and it was just enough!!!

Lastly, it was the trip!!! Many might have not known of this island, Lang Tengah which situated very close to the famous Redang island. Most my diving friends (now with an official status as a diver! hehe,. 12 of us) have not been to this island, and so did I.... It is a very small island, situated near to Redang island. It has only 4 resorts in the island. Fairly small indeed.

We stayed at D'Coconut Lagoon Resort, East Wing. Apparently is the not very high class wing mainly for divers or budget stay. The hotel has another wing which caters for higher end facilities. Much as all, it was just a 3D2N stay which we spent most of the time in the sea, we don't really need the higher end facilities. A view like below is much and good enough for a short and relax trip. I wish I could have a 1 week island and resort holidaying..... but I could only have it in my dream right now :)

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