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Friday, May 15, 2009

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Very interesting question indeed... I wish to share this just before I start writing on other stuffs a.k.a. food blog. Again, another sharing from my Yoga class... my instructor pointed a question as above (apparently I skipped the previous class, my classmates had experiment this at home), "so, what did you see yourself at the mirror?". Some shared their experience and feelings, some even saw herself like a pet... gosh!!

I got a shocked and started to imagine how and what would I see if I overlook a mirror for more than 1 hour... As usual, I am a 'professional' day-dreamer and would like to imagine things happening just like near me, and I will start giggling on my own. friends who know me well will notice this :P

Then, I start googl'ing around for the source of material. Found this website nicely wrote exactly what my instructor meant - http://charleshamel.com/2008/02/25/when-you-look-in-the-mirror-what-do-you-see/

Align Center

Haha.... I like the way they phrased it, indeed very true that human being many times are afraid of change, have a thoughts that reflected their own lifestyle. Basically, its an image that we had craved for ourselves, everyday look we maintain it and as it goes along... that is your image.

Being a day-dreamer is not a bad idea too, at least it craves into your life style what you desire to be, and it will slowly changes into your mindset. Which I guess what I am doing now all these while been helping me a lot.

If we happen to see something's not right at our mirror, believe its time for us to analyze our own thinking, and start to think what is the best measure to overcome it.

Back to my earlier post, it shows negative thoughts will always lead to negative doing. I can't help reminding myself to think positively always. One of a way is to admire beautiful images, a good looking creature may be a good idea somehow... hehe No one says its easy to do, but without doing it will surely fails you.

Let's dream :) dream, dream, dream...

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