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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Foods @ Kota Kemuning - Kim Kee WanTon Mee

It has been a super busy and tired weekend. First blame it on the super HOT weather... then followon my super BUSY schedule starting this weekend till next... Thank god it was Labour Day public holiday last Friday(should say yesterday).

May 1 2009, it was a remarkable day for a family and their WanTon mee stall! It was its grand opening yesterday, where they treated everyone for free drinks + wanton mee! We got out share too... after waiting for about 15min. Thanks to the owner.

By the way, a little background of the owner. They operated and sold WanTon mee from a small stall at the hawker center located just a few shops away, about 6-7 years back.. ever since I shifted to Kota Kemuning. Now they had upgraded themselves.. to a shop by itself. What's famous here, besides their WanTon mee... I do like their curry mee too! yummy good. Not this curry Kon-Lo, but the real curry mee in a bowl.

Their drinks was good too... very "kau".. hopefully its not the trick to attract customer on the 1st day!
Location :
GPS Coordinate : N2 59.444 E101 32.846
At the area of Kota Kemuning's Post Office. Locates right opposite a bakery - Four Seasons.
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