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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Day out in Singapore - Part 2

After a quick chill out in my room, with the curry puff as tea. I headed out to Orchard Road's Atria Shopping Mall to meet up my sis. We hopped from one mall to another, she helped me to hunt for the only stuff I wish to buy during this trip. 1) My diving wetsuit 2) A working shoe from Charles & Keith 3)... can't remember :P

After walking for couple of malls at Orchard, I still didn't get a single item. Sis then brought me to Plaza Singapura and continue hunting. We ended up in Daiso, the SG$2 shop and she ended buying the most... hehehe... I was introduced a kind of Chinese pork bun (扣肉包).

Without noticed... I actually skipped my lunch that afternoon. We then headed to another Mall at Novena...

That's when we stopped by for a drink.. healthy fruit juices! That's one thing good about malls in Singapore, they sells all kinds of fresh fruit juices and its easy to get. We had a rock melon juice (in yellow) and another mixed Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon (in orange).

That was a quick into before we headed off for dinner.. that will be in Part 3. Oh ya, while we were waiting for a ride outside Novena mall... I saw this signboard for Old Hong Kong Kitchen!! It seems having the same registered logo, with the restaurant we have at Imbi, KL. I wonder if their servings are the same... :-?

(poor fella, I didn't intend to take your picture.. but it shows perfectly nice with the signboard, hope you won't mind :D)

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