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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My "Siao-Lang" (crazy fella) Kite !

Following my 1st kite flying experience, made it the 2nd time couple of weeks ago.... when I was seriously stressed up. Not that I am relieved from stress now, as I think I am getting worse :( Anyway, let me live-my-own and rest for the weekend.

Bought this paper-kite many years ago at Pantai Morib, off the beach towards south from my place. It's unique as its made solely from thin color paper. I brought this kite all the way to Lang Tengah island, on my last trip there... but I didn't realised it was in my bag until the very last day. Anyway, I didn't have time and chance to fly it too, as our trip was rather a 'rush' type. Wish I am still out there in the island.... :) - day dreaming job, a typical Libraian character.. am I right?

Here's the lakeside park at Kota Kemuning.

Some special kites I found - BATMAN !!! Very unfortunate, the gold one went off the sky after a while.. not sure where did it landed to.

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