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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kite Flying @ Kota Kemuning

We knew our residence area Kota Kemuning has a happening garden and lake which would draw many people during weekend evenings. However, this was my 1st time ever get myself down to the lake on an evening, especially when the sun still shines about 530pm in the evening.

Where is this place? Just opposite Kota Kemuning McDonalds.

Magnifient scene right? Even with a shooting star! (well, that's the aeroplane in fact)

There are few stalls selling kites. Medium/Large type selling between RM10-18, Small one around RM5-8. I almost bought this tiny purple one and I seems to like the later one with the cute white mermaid ;P. However, I didn't get any as I noticed its a lil pricy.


Besides kite flying, there are many activities around the park, i.e. picnics, cycling, ice-cream man, etc...

Of course, main activity is still kite flying... See below some interesting scene, where family members including old aunty running around with the kite. A sweet couple flying kite together... how nice.

One thing I noticed on flying kite, my neck can be very painful... as I would need to look high up the skies most of the time. However, according to my Yoga instructor, we have been facing down most of the time, i.e. using computer, reading and so... Hence, having an up neck exercise will be perfect one!

Finally, its 730pm... sunset time at the lake. Here's a very "warm" family photo taken at the lakeside.

Hope you would enjoy these pictures taken. Wish I will go kite flying again one day, wish to get a nicer kite, or even a handmade type.. which could be more special ;)

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