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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hawker Food @ Bkt Serdang Industrial Park

Oh no.. a friend of mine will be sicked of me writing on food again. But then, my food blog might cause her a miss as she's now shivering in cold at the far north east at the "mainland" (大陆)haha... Hope she's doing well enough out there for the next 2-3 years, enjoy!

It was an unintentional visit to the area of Serdang, a place with heaven of nice food. Remembering a day (somewhere 1+ yr ago) when we had a series of food for dinner at the village area. That was fun!

This is a newly discovered place, its an economical place for afternoon tea. Especially when one is at hunger... skipping lunch, but found nothing to eat in at an odd hour of 3-4pm. We found this place because the other restaurant at Serdang Raya had finished selling their claypot fried noodle.

There were a few "unstructured" stalls parked under some shaded trees. We found the place being quite crowded, that's how we decided to go for a try. To my surprise, they sell a series of food which is good for afternoon tea - apam balik, fruit rojak, goreng pisang, dessert 糖水, asam laksa, economical fried noodle, and this particular fried noodle stall which drew lots of customer. Believe it should be tasty!

Initially we ordered only this Fried Mice Noodle (老鼠粉)for RM3.20 and Small fruit Rojak for RM3.50. Finished the 1st noodle we went to the 2nd round of Fried Kuey Teow with egg for RM4.20.

Here's the place on the map and its GPS coordinate N3 02.479 E101 41.872 in case you would wish to explore more. It's quite near to Serdang Food Court. Not too sure about their business hour, believe its an afternoon stalls.

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