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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tapioca Cookies (Kuih Bangkit)

It is a long weekend, since it will be another extra day of replacement public holiday tomorrow.... With this extra day, I feel myself much more rested and comfortable in a way I had enough time to adjust myself to a weekend mode. How I wish we could work 4 days and off 3 days.. isn't that perfect for the hectic city worker like us?

Anyway, enough of day dreaming stuff... life has been like that for a while, ever since I get myself in tremendous stress at work. I know some could have pity me and thanks for the cherish brought when it comes every Friday! I didn't appreciate why people used to say "TGIF", but now I would know the exact meaning of it.

Back to the cookie story. I was with my parents yesterday and we had bumped into such idea to pay my uncle and family a visit, since we were nearby at OUG area and grandma was spending her time at this uncle's place too. Mind me, it had been more than 3-4 years I had never seen them, sad to say and even my lil cousin brother who is now almost 10 years old!. Gosh... time flies, remember the time I last seen him was when he was 2-3 years old. I know I am not a good niece and good cousin at all... I knew that!

My aunt introduced us some CNY cookies and she brought this particular pack of Tapioca Cookies, nicely sealed and packed from Taiping. In definitely its the commercial type. I used to like this biscuit long time ago, but all those tasted so-so, even home made type. But this particular one is special, where the cookie could basically melt in your tongue and mouth easily...

Aunt gave me another pack to bring home... and shhh... I had finished almost 1/2 pack on my own since 1-2 hours ago...

I checked through some blogsite... oopss.. this particular cookie 1 piece (6g) = 20 kcal and 0.6g fat !! Gosh.. I guess I had easily ate 50-60 pieces since yesterday.

I will check out this particular brand from Taiping, will definitely buy this whenever I happen to drop by there one day..

No 763, Pokok Asam N/V, Taiping, Perak

I browsed through MFM, the entire Pokok Assam place is so huge. Only landmark available is Pokok Assam Post Office... :))

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