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Saturday, March 28, 2009

McD for Tea !

This has been the most ideal and convenient way to have a nice tea time. Imagine one who didn't have the time to take lunch after all, had a long course between lunch and tea at 4.30pm. Anyway, I had a 'quick' brunch plus a 'quick' tea time at 5.30pm today.

Earlier intention was to seek for tea time food in PJ, my old time hangout place. However, heavy down pours had led me back home instead. What can I get at this hour? On the way driving back home, noticed the sky has turned dark but luckily it has not stated rain (or probably had stopped rain). My idea was to have drive-thru Apple Pie from McD!! Get to know this when a colleague had this for lunch one day. Guess how much does it cost? 1 pie for RM2.00, 2 pies for RM3.00 (paid RM3.15 inclusive of tax).

Not too sure how many would notice McDonalds in Malaysia has this promotion. Check it out at their website. How long will the promo last... grab it while you can. It has been a good deal.

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