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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Very old Barbie Doll

This is my one and only one Barbie doll I had since young. Believe I had owned it for almost 20 years, and I can't remember when I had it. Just recalled it was a gift from my late aunt. She used to buy me gifts when I visit her during year end school breaks, back at my dad's hometown in Perak.

She will bring me shopping at Ipoh town, specifically to Super Kinta to shop for gifts. I used to get unexpected gifts from her, where I don't think I will get such from my parents. Those I remembered were Luna 36 colour pencil, Teddy bear for my sis and I, and this Barbie doll set of 3 - gown, sports wear and casual dress.

As a rememberance to my aunt, who had passed away about 14years ago.... and I can't buy her gift anymore afterall.

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