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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dated Magazines @ Damansara Cineleisure

It was not my intention to drop by any shopping centers today, but it was fated. Situation didn't allow me to be dropped back home on a Saturday afternoon, when I planned to take myself a break from a miserable weekdays work, which had basically stressed me out these days. Causing me sleepless nights, even on a Friday night!

Anyway, it was a free n easy shopping for me. I enjoyed the walk alone, exploring Cineleisure which I had never been to except for my last Birthday celebration @ Tony Roma's. I walked myself from The Curve, skipping the weekend flea market for my later agenda.

I tried to look for attractive afternoon tea place, but failed. Basically, I was still hunting for my lunch at the time of 3-4pm today. As I walked around the mall, I found a place at the Basement which sells lots of dated magazines at very affordable price. As low as RM5, you could get some dated Interior Design Magazines, Fashion, Food, etc...

Most importantly, they are imported International magazines. Too bad they only have English and a lil portion of Japanese magazines. Else, I will be more than happy to grab some Home DIY Taiwan magazines, which had been my favourite ever since I was there in Taiwan last May 2008.

So, here's the store. Check it out if you happen to look for some useful magazines, which even if its dated, but not too far dated... such as Travel, Food, Automobile, and so will be a nice bargain place to stop by.

I then had my afternoon tea @ the apartment, The Curve alone. Sitted myself at a nice lil sofa at the front corner. The environment looks nice from outside, but one thing I don't quite like is their air-conditioner. I felt stuffy sitting at the corner. Anyway, the food was OK... I had a very heavy sandwich meal at a late afternoon around 5pm!

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