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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food @ Labuan - Chicken Rice & Soto, Nam Thong Kopitiam

I had never know this particular Chicken rice stall is so famous at the town center of Labuan. Read this over another blog, it had been 12+ years I left Labuan for study and work. This particular stall most probably went famous in between those years.

Since I craved for Soto Daging, a type of beef bihun soup with spices. Mom brought me to this particular coffee shop, locates opposite HSBC Bank, the world's local bank. At the same time, I noticed the other stall in the same shop selling Chicken rice has a great crowd surrounding the seller. I asked mom, "why this particular stall has so many people?"... my mom told me, "very famous one.. I am going to order their chicken rice too!".

Another thing you might observe in this coffee shop - mixture of Malay Chinese stalls in the same coffee shop. This is what we call Muhibbah. The shop owner is Chinese selling drinks including liquor, Soto seller is a Malay, selling chicken rice is Chinese, but selling Halal certified Chicken.

Here's the tasty Soto Daging (Beef), they sells Soto Ayam (chicken) too.

The famous Chicken Rice stall. Look at the customer queue below. Heard the chilli is the main attraction too. Besides, we found the oily rice is quite tasty.

Next, my favourite drink serves in most kopitiam in Labuan - the Lemon Tea! I remember having culture shock when I ordered ice lemon tea in KL, I was served Lime Tea instead. Lime, namely Limau Kasturi is basically a cheaper version compare to Lemon. I later discovered that Lemon Tea, especially Iced Lemon Tea only been served in higher class restaurants or coffee shop.

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