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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Khuntai Restaurant - An Authentic Thai in PJ

Following a bad sore throat after the CNY dinner, I had no choice but to attend another gathering of old friends for hubby. It made my day even worse after this meal, though I didn't had much and enjoy the food either. But I truly knew, if I have had in good condition and if its during a cool chilling day, I might have enjoyed my food very much. Anyway, it was an experience of loosing appetite but seeing others enjoy their food so well.

Located in PJ, Jalan Gasing. The restaurant has its own website too. I have been there for Banana Leave Indian food before, and never expect there are few more famous restaurants around that area.

We had a package dinner with some minor changes of the menu, as I friend had brought own Tiger Prawn all the way from Kuantan to share with us. By the way, this restaurant could help and cook you dishes with your own fresh seafood. In fact, the total dinner only cost us merely RM250 for 10pax.

Let's bring you what's famous in this restaurant. It's the drink they serve - Umpera with Sour Plum (沙梨酸酶). Very chilling drink in fact, and tasty too.

Mieng Kam is a must as Thai appetizer. Love this leave wrap stuffs with dried shrimp, chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, peanuts and so...

Then set of dishes came along the way. First with famous Thai Fried rice with shredded egg and beef. Second is omelet with special vegetable, not quite sure what type of vegetable was that. Heard it is fully imported all the way from Thailand.

Next are their Chicken Green Curry and Sour Steam Fish.

Then we had this specially brought over Tiger Prawn as Thai Style steam prawn. The other next is Otak-Otak seafood, stuffed seafood including squid, fish flesh, prawn and so in coconut blend. Very unique and tasty, too bad it was spicy.

TomYum gong is a must too... we had that but I didn't picture it out, it should be common. By the way, you could browse their menu from their website - http://www.khuntai.com.my/

Here are the address and map. Click to enlarge.

GPS Coordinate : N3 05.201 E101 39.269

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